adding black to your chrome

see our new black on facebook


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Yamaha Raider price list for 2016

see our new price list for chrome plating or polishing of Yamaha Raider parts and wheels  at

Atlas Plating


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Blue Chrome

look at our new transparent Blue on out facebook page at

here is another sample of Purple

Color chrome Atlas Plating Houston TX


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Suzuki M109 limited time discount

During the Month of April we will have a flat 8% discount on all parts including the wheels please use our Suzuki M109 price list and take the 8% off.


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Colored Chrome

one of the services we offer at ATLAS PLATING is Colored Chrome . one of the applications is to add color on already chrome plated emblems ( plastic or metal ). the only condition is to have a brand new chrome ( or if the quality of the chrome is acceptable to you) we can create a variety of colors and there are colors that we can’t make. for example the is no White Chrome or Yellow Chrome.

Black Chrome: Black chrome comes in 3 major accents, most of the Black Chrome in the market has a Brownish accent , We also have Bluish and Greenish accents.


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Stopping air leaks

in most cases chrome wheels leak air due to corrosion in plated surface between tire and the base metal. corrosion causes blistering and creates  gaps. this corrosion mostly comes from the water inside the air. Also FIX-A-FLAT  is made of very corrosive material and can damage a whole rim in no time. At Atlas Plating we repair this corrosion affected area and in most cases there is no need of rechroming the wheel ( if the chromed face is acceptable ). there is no guaranty but we have more that 99% rate of success.

the cost for repairing the leaking due to corrosion is $40-$60 based on wheel size.


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How To Keep Your Chrome Clean

I have noticed some people use buffing wheels and compounds to clean a chrome surface. You need to keep in mind that chrome layer is only about 15 micron (more info on plating process) , A Hex Chrome tank which we often use for decorative plating adds about 7mic. per minute , so a 2 min of chrome plating probably gives us about 15mic.

buffing the chrome layer would wear off the chrome and you will end up with a Goldish surface which Nickel (more info on Polishing ). We see this on chrome plated exhaust pipes where people start using steel wool or Aluminum foils to clean the chrome.

We think the best way in cleaning your chrome is to wash is with soap and water and dry it with a towel or T-shirt. do not try to buff the small scratches off since you can’t and you only damaging your chrome.

Atlas Plating cleaning products


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Spacial price for chrome plating lower forks ( lower legs )

We are going to have a special price through Jan.2012 . each set of lower legs $160  shipped. please dismount and drain all the oils. .


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New price lists for bike shops and dealers. Please Call and ask for ALEX!!


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